I developed two new courses namely: i) Health, Safety and Environmental Management (HSE) in Petroleum  and Offshore Engineering; and ii) Reliability of offshore structures. While the former is a core course for Petroleum Engg (PE) program, the latter is an elective for Naval Arch and Ocean Engg programs. As there is increasing demand for offshore structural engineers in upstream side and petroleum engineers in the downstream segment, I plan to develop the following new courses. The syllabus development is under preparation in consultation with the industry. I will shortly present these courses to Board of Academic Studies for approval.

Sl No Course title Objectives
1 Advanced steel design of offshore structures The course shall address few critical aspects of the design namely: i) performance based design concepts as applied to offshore structures; ii) concepts of functionally graded materials and their application in marine risers etc.
2 Advanced structural analysis The course shall address advanced analyses techniques namely: i) sub-structure techniques of analysis; ii) estimate of moment-rotation characteristics; iii) push over analysis etc
3 Structural dynamics through experiments The lab course shall focus on hands on experience to learn structural dynamics through experiments. Already the lab component of the course is completed


Coursework development for National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL): FOUR video courses are developed independently.

  • Srinivasan Chandrsekaran. 2013. Advanced Marine Structures, Video course on NPTEL portal. Available at: 
  • Srinivasan Chandrasekaran. 2013. Health, safety and Environmental Management (HSE) for oil and gas industries, Video course on NPTEL portal. Available at 
  • Srinivasan Chandrasekaran. 2013. Dynamics of Ocean Structures, Video Course on NPTEL portal. Available at
  • Srinivasan Chandrasekaran. 2013. Ocean structures and materials, Video course on NPTEL portal. Available at